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Flow Points


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Online Class Pricing Breakdown

0.75 Flow Points 1 online Class $300
3 Flow Points ($383/point) 4 online classes $1150 ($287.5/class)
6 Flow Points ($358/point) 8 online classes $2150 ($268.5/class)
9 Flow Points ($350/point) 12 online classes $3150 ($262.5/class)

Flow Points用於線上以及實體課程,疫情解封後也可用於Flow的舞會。Flow Points沒有使用期限。線上課程收取0.75 point/堂(等同於實體課程的75折),當你購買完Flow Points後,點數會加置你的帳號,你可以到課表Schedule選擇你想要上的課程類別,並選擇上課日期,點擊Check In並確認即完成登記上課手續。

Flow Points are used for in-person and online classes and parties at Flow.  Flow points do not expire.  Online classes cost .75 Flow Points each (25% discount from in-person classes).  Regular one hour classes cost 1 point.  After checking out, the points will be added to your account.  Go to Schedule , select your class, then pick the date you want to attend and click Check In to be added to the class.

*Flow points且只限本人使用,不可退費但是你可以轉讓.
*Flow Points can only be used by the buyer.  Points are non-refundable. but they can be transferred online.

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