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Body Movement - Bachata - Zouk - Salsa
Co-founder and Head Instructor 出生於台北,畢業於台北商專,從小就喜歡跳舞,專科時期就積極參與各大校園舞會及校內舞蹈演出,充分表現個人舞蹈天份,2005年開始接觸salsa後發掘自己的興趣,即全心投入學習不間斷,自2008年開始密集接受韓籍舞蹈大師-Sol的嚴格舞蹈訓練,在Sol老師專業的指導下,成為台灣頂尖的salsa舞團-舞人島(Dancing Island)之首席女舞者,並跟隨舞團參與國內外大小salsa活動的表演。 師承韓籍SOL老師豐富多元的風格融合了拉丁、非洲、森巴、芭蕾、爵士、現代、探戈以及古巴倫巴等舞蹈脈絡,不僅如此,Mandy本著對舞蹈的極度熱誠,也積極學習各種舞風,包括Zouk, Kizomba, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Twerking, Voguing, Jazz funk,使其舞蹈風格獨具強烈的個人特色,時而性感,時而率性,搭配其絕佳的音樂性,及自然流暢的肢體動作,是近年來台灣Salsa界最受歡迎的女舞者之一,更在拉丁表演藝術界佔一席之地。 2016年更遠赴古巴專攻Afro Rumba、到過墨西哥Alma Latina總部受訓、及紐約向各個頂尖大師學習,秉持不斷創新的精神表演、創作以及教學 Born and raised in Taipei, Mandy Wang has shown dance talent since childhood and was crazy about all kinds of dance events during college. She got hooked on salsa in 2005 and has dedicated much of her life since then to salsa and Afro Cuban dance. Since 2008 she has trained under Korean salsa master Sol intense professional pedagogy, eventually becoming the principle dancer of Dancing Island, the top salsa dance company based in Taiwan. In addition to the wide variety of dance styles taught by Sol, including latin, samba, ballet, jazz, comtemporary, Argentine tango and Afro rumba, she also has continually grown and learned other dances such as zouk, kizomba, reggaeton, dancehall, voguing, and jazz funk. In 2016, she traveled to Cuba to learn folkloric dances such as Afro rumba, trained in Tijuana, Mexico under Sergio Jasso, previous head director of Alma Latina, and furthered her salsa training with salsa masters in New York including Franklin Diaz and Griselle Ponce. In early 2017 she partnered with Calvin Wang to open Taiwan Latin Dance Academy to share her love and passion for dance. Mandy believes in continual education and training, seeking inspiration to create her own choreography and teaching with her unique style. Her wide range of dance experience makes her a unique dancer who can mix sensual and sexy with funk and ghetto style, and her musicality and smooth body movement make her stand out as one of the most attractive dancers on the dance floor. She has performed in many domestic and overseas dance events.


2014年偶然一次在國外看到戶外的Salsa舞會,那一幕從此印在腦海裡。回國之後開始積極學習Salsa和各種不同的風格,期間也參與海外的各大活動如法國、土耳其、日本、馬來西亞、新加坡、菲律賓、越南、中國,與各國舞者交流進修、也參與表演,努力讓自己成為一個更好的Salsa舞者。 對我來說,Salsa不止是一種舞蹈,而是一種態度、一種文化,展現出拉丁美洲人熱情奔放的人生觀。現在Salsa是我生活的一部分,我也將會把這份對跳舞的熱情分享給更多喜歡拉美文化的人以及對舞蹈有過渴望的人。期待與你們分享更多! In 2014 Dan first saw outdoor Salsa dancing while abroad, and the scene was imprinted on his mind. After returning to Taiwan, he began to actively study Salsa and other dance styles. He has participated and performed in many overseas events in France, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Phillipines, Vietnam, and China and is always working to improve himself as a dancer. For Dan, Salsa is not just a dance but also an attitude and an opportunity to integrate latin culture into life. He enjoys sharing his passion for latin dance and culture with those who have a desire to dance and looks forward to meeting and helping new dancers.


Bachata - Salsa
Co-founder and Creative Director of TLDA TLDA Salsa舞團創辦人, Salsa教師, Salsa活動DJ Copa Taiwan Salsa系列活動主持人, Taiwan Salsa嘉年華主辦人 Calvin是台灣主要的Salsa教師及活動主辦人之一。 2008年,他開始學習Salsa,先後師從台北名師Maggie老師、Sol老師、Gino老師,並在2009年開始主辦定期的Salsa活動。 2015年,與Candy一同成立台灣知名舞團Salsa Piratas(Salsa海賊團),訓練團員並多次參與表演活動。 2017年,與Mandy老師攜手成立TLDA舞團,教育台灣的Salsa舞者,並致力於推廣Salsa及拉丁文化。 Calvin Wang is the co- founder of TLDA Salsa Dance Studio, a salsa instructor and a DJ. He is also the host of Copa Taiwan Salsa Series, and the organizer of Taiwan Salsa Carnival. Calvin is one of the most important salsa instructors and organizers in Taiwan. He started learning Salsa from well-known teachers Maggie, Sol, and Gino in Taipei in 2008 and started organizing regular salsa events in 2009. In 2015, he founded SALSA PIRATAS DANCE TEAM with Candy Chiang, training members and performing in Taiwan. In 2017 he and Mandy Wang founded TLDA together to educate dancers and spread the joy of salsa and Latin culture to people in Taiwan.


大學時熱衷於接觸各式舞蹈,曾長期接觸肚皮舞及中國民間舞。2011年首次踏入SALSA的大門,發現社交舞的即興樂趣後,持續投入學習至今。表演經驗豐富,曾跟隨各大知名表演團體於新加坡及韓國演出。 Latiifah was keen on exploring all kinds of dance during her time in university, and she's had experience with belly dancing and Chinese folk dance for many years. In 2011 she opened the door to Salsa dancing for the first time, and the fun of improvised social dancing hooked her and has led her to continue learning salsa and other latin dances. She has extensive experience and has performed with dance teams in Singapore and South Korea.


Instructor 因為從小就覺得跳舞的女生超正,常常羨慕,所以在大學畢業之後,Sherry終於鼓起勇氣踏進舞蹈教室,誰知道就再也沒出來過。從Jazz開始,Sherry 一開始跳就什麼都想學,Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall等等,還有Ballet,沒有人找得到Sherry因為她總是都在跳舞,只因為跳舞很開心。 某一年接觸到拉丁音樂,Sherry超級喜歡古巴的音樂,想跟音樂一起跳舞,因為這樣輾轉找到Salsa,Salsa跟其他的舞蹈很不一樣,她花了很長的時間才開始有一點懂。Social dance是分享,關注別人也了解更多自己。Sherry依然總是在跳舞,她花了很多很多時間(還有錢)跳舞,她還在學習中,不過她有一些小小的方法想跟你分享,或許可以幫助你省點時間(還有錢) ,然後大家一起跳得很開心。 From the time she was a child, Sherry adored dancers because they were so beautiful to her. After graduating from university, she tried a dance class and has never left the dance studio since then! Beginning with jazz, her dedication led her to study many forms of dance, including hip hop, reggae, dancehall… and ballet. Nobody could find Sherry because she was always dancing because it made her happy. One year, latin music appeared in Sherry’s life. She was fascinated by Cuban music and wanted to dance to it, so she found salsa. Salsa is very different from other dances she learned before., and it took her a long time to begin to understand it. Sherry’s philosophy on dancing- “Social dance is sharing. You pay attention to others and also know more of yourself. “ She looks forward to sharing her what she’s learned with students and enjoying happy dances together.


Glenn Sloat is the founder of Flow Taipei and Sloat Media. Glenn started ballroom dance in college when he needed a physical education class for his degree. After five semesters under Sandy Patterson and Sayhber Rawles, he began to learn salsa dancing. However, he got married in 2008, and his dance life evaporated. In 2016 he divorced and started to learn salsa and bachata with Jose at JAS Dance in Santa Rosa. While on a trip to Guam, he decided to visit Taiwan, and he met a lot of local salsa dancers at Brass Monkey and Salud and realized how easy and fun it was to meet interesting new people through dance. He started traveling internationally to go to dance festivals in Canada, Italy, France, and then he went back to Asia for Alex's Thailand International Latin Festival where he met new friends from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. While traveling around all of these countries in the summer for events like Formosa Salsa Festival, Singapore Bachata Weekend, and Taiwan Salsa Carnival, he fell in love with Taiwan and decided to stay. After joining TLDA, he continued learning salsa and bachata with Calvin and Mandy and worked with them to grow the studio and the dance scene. He was introduced to salsa master Sol and Dancing Island by Mandy and became their big fan and supporter. A long-time amateur photographer, he started taking pictures at parties and eventually started Sloat Media to produce high-quality photos and videos for Taiwan local parties and international dance events. His first introduction to Brazilian Zouk was with Debbie and Kamacho in Hong Kong in 2017. He attended workshops soon after with Alex & Mathilde in Singapore and then went to his first zouk congress, Zouk SEA in Malaysia. He was invited by Cheryl Wu for her weekender with Bruno & Raiza as the videographer, and after that he traveled to Singapore frequently to attend as many of Cheryl's zouk events as possible. Cheryl, Pasindu, and Randy, taught Glenn and Mandy from Cheryl's syllabus, and after also studying online courses from Ivo Veira and Nathalia, and Arthur & Layssa with Mandy and Vanessa, they opened their first zouk classes in September 2019. Later, he met Birdy and Ting in zouk parties and began to also train with them. During the pandemic, he studied online courses from many excellent instructors and continued to expand the zouk program at TLDA. His desire is to help grow the vibrant Brazilian zouk community in Taiwan. The student base at TLDA eventually needed a bigger space to continue growing. So after searching for more than one year with Mandy, Glenn built Flow with the help of Mandy, Vanessa, Wan Yu, and Nana as a brand new space to house TLDA and other beloved dance groups and teachers such as Dancing Island. He works to continually improve the space and experience for students and teachers and hopes that Flow will be a space that brings joy to many people and supports the social dance community of Taipei. Glenn's message to everyone is simple- Dance can change your life!


小時候因為芭蕾踏入跳舞的世界,從此之後和舞蹈無法分離!Jenny求學時期也利用社團機會接觸了流行舞蹈、國標以及爵士等等的不同舞種,到了大學畢業後因緣際會,進入了拉丁舞的世界。除了被拉丁舞的性感吸引,也深深愛上拉丁音樂和風俗,雖然中間出國求學一度停擺,但也因為這個空擋走訪了美國不同城市的舞會和到墨西哥第一次體驗拉丁文化。 Jenny回國後開始接觸更多的舞種,不管是salsa, bachata, zouk到kizomba都有涉獵,走遍台北各大教室參加多個舞團訓練,也因為熱愛拉丁音樂開始學習成為拉丁樂DJ為台灣的舞會服務,並幸運地得到參與國際活動的幾會拓展了視野。Jenny的學習還在不斷進行中,但她很樂意跟大家分享自己跳舞和音樂的經驗,跟大家一起學習、開心跳舞! The bonding between Jenny and dancing started with her ballet experience when she was a little kid. During her school time, she started to try more genres of dance and totally fell in love with dancing since then. Afrer college, Jenny stepped into the salsa world , and she was attracted by not only the happy vibe of salsa dancing, but also the beauty of latin music and culture. Therefore, she took the chances to experience the salsa parties in different cities in US and the culture in Mexico during her study life abroad. After coming back to Taiwan, Jenny started learning more genres of latin dance, inculding salsa, bachata, zouk, and kizomba. She went to every main studio in Taipei and joined multiple teams for hardcore training. Also, based on her love for latin music , Jenny decided to become a latin music DJ to serve the parties in Taiwan and events abroad. Her journey of learning is not yet finished, but she is very happy to share her love and experience of dancing and music. Let's learn and dance happily together.


自小古典芭蕾 現代爵士習舞多年,並擅長空中舞蹈/拉丁舞蹈, 曾榮獲國內鋼管比賽冠軍,國際salsa團體比賽亞軍,2016赴美進修,期間為紐約知名舞團Za Fire專職舞者,表演經歷豐富,多次受邀參與國內外各項表演(ballet/ballroom/ pole dance/ salsa/ Bachata / Zouk )現為Salsa/Bachata/ Zouk師資 Vanessa has studied classical ballet and modern jazz for many years, and she also practices aerial dance/Latin dance. She was the champion of an internationally judged pole dance competition in Taiwan and the runner-up of an international salsa team competition. In 2016, she went to the United States for further training. During that period, she was a full-time dancer of the famous New York dance company, Za Fire. Vanessa has been invited many times to participate in various performances at home and abroad (ballet/ballroom/ pole dance/ Salsa/ Bachata/ Zouk), and she now teaches Salsa/Bachata/ and Brazilian Zouk.


Cheli 從小熱愛音樂與舞蹈,4歲開始學鋼琴、小提琴,7歲時加入雪璟青少年舞團,專攻民俗、現代、以及芭蕾。從一次小六的暑假跟著舞團去北京舞蹈學院訓練之後,便開啟了她對各少數民族、各國舞蹈文化的興趣,並在小學、國、高中時期每年參加台北市個人舞蹈比賽,以及舞團大小的表演。 大學時期就讀台大工商管理系,曾在系上編女舞,並結合舞蹈、音樂才能自編自導歌舞劇。期間也曾獲選外交大使,前往邦交國諾魯,教當地學生跳民俗舞和各種文化交流。Cheli 每到一個新的地方就愛用舞蹈、音樂認識當地文化。在倫敦交換時曾加入了印度寶萊屋舞團、 在墨西哥旅居時參加原住民舞蹈節慶並拍攝紀錄片、也在阿根庭當社工時學過 Tango。 2015年在秘魯寫論文研究時加入Salsa舞團,這也是她愛上拉美與Salsa的起始點。後來回荷蘭完成碩士並開始工作,同時不斷進修 Salsa 和參加各國 festivals。除了舞蹈音樂以外,Cheli 對拉丁文化、語言也有豐富的了解,曾旅居墨西哥、古巴、秘魯、玻利維亞、阿根廷。這幾年搬到了西班牙南部,加入Bersy的 Afro-Mambo 舞團並在歐洲不同城市表演。同時也遇見當地知名的古巴鋼琴手,開始修習拉丁音樂、組樂團,她的理念是唯有理解音樂,才能真正跳舞。 Ever since she was a child, Cheli has been in love with music and dance. She started dancing when she was 7 years old, specializing in traditional Chinese folk dance, contemporary, and ballet. She participated in Taipei’s individual dance competitions and various levels of performances every year until college. When she was 11 years old, she followed her dance troupe to train in the Beijing Dance Academy. Since then, her interest in different dances and cultures began to bloom. In university, she choreographed dance shows and musicals. She was also selected as a diplomatic ambassador, for which she visited Nauru to teach local students Taiwanese culture and dance. During her exchange study in London, she joined Bollywood dance troupe to perform in Diwali, the Festival of Light. She studied for her master's degree in International Development in the Netherlands and did her fieldwork in Peru, where she joined a salsa troupe by chance and thus began her passion for Latin America and Salsa. Afterwards, she returned to Europe to finish her thesis and began to work, while furthering her training in Salsa and participating in festivals across the world. Besides music and dance, Cheli is also knowledgeable in Latin American culture and Spanish. In recent years, she moved to Southern Spain, where she joined Bersy's Afro-Mambo troupe and performed in different European cities. At the same time, she encountered a famous Cuban pianist, beginning her studies with him in Latin Music and starting a band. It was her philosophy that only by understanding music can one truly dance.


2012夏天,Martin被朋友帶去Salsa Party後,就被Salsa快樂的音樂給吸引,也就此開始踏上跳Salsa的旅程。一路上跟了很多來自不同國家(台灣/日本/義大利/美國)的老師學習,也交到了很多不同國家的朋友。跳了很多年後覺得,Salsa不只是一個跳蹈而是一種語言,就算你們彼此的口說的語言不通,還是可以透過Salsa來和對方在Salsa上互動交流。透過Social Dance,雖然沒有口語的交流,但透過肢體的互動,可以更直接的認識對方,是一個很難得的經驗。如果和Martin一樣覺得這是一件有趣的事,歡迎來教室學習,一同體驗這個樂趣~ In the summer of 2012, Martin went to a salsa party with his friends. He was attracted by Salsa's happy rhythm, and he began his journey to dance salsa. Along the way, Martin has studied with many teachers from different countries (Taiwan/Japan/Italy/USA) and made many friends from different countries. After dancing for many years, Martin feels that Salsa is not just a dance but a language. Even if you do not speak each other's language, you can still interact with each other through Salsa dance. Through Social Dance, although there is no oral communication, you still can get to know each other through physical interaction and even more directly, which is a rare experience. If that interests you, Martin welcomes you to join his classes and enjoy the journey together~

Dawn Wan Yu



Body Movement
Freya在小學時期因舞蹈的天份而被選為民族舞導表演的一員,在輔大就讀期間因參與舞蹈社團習得過際標準舞,並與團員參與校內外團體與個人的演出.也為日後殿下與舞蹈的不解之緣. 2009年接觸來自拉丁舞系的SALSA與BACHATA因對其豐富浪漫音樂性與自由個性化的舞風吸引.故而即全心投入成為學習發展的主要方向. 2011年於韓籍老師SOL學習更精進SALSA舞蹈.融和拉丁爵士、hiphop、芭蕾、現代舞等舞蹈脈絡朝向更多元的面向. 同年更通過台灣頂尖SALSA舞團-舞人島遴選為團員. 2011~2016年於舞人島舞團擔任舞者期間參與國內外多場表演.更透過演出累積個人與團體的表演舞台經驗. 2016年赴美國紐約與多位不同風格的SALSA.老師學習各種SALSA風格. 紐約的莎莎舞(New York Salsa)、哥倫比亞的莎莎舞(Colombia Salsa)、美國洛杉磯的莎莎舞(L.A. Salsa)和古巴的莎莎舞蹈(Cuba Salsa)等。 2017遠赴巴黎進修,與Bionca and Sergio bachata大師一同在國際舞台上表演,更受邀至泰國 、韓國 、日本演出。 Freya has been dancing since she was a child and participated in dance clubs and performances during university. In 2009, she found salsa and bachata and fell in love with the rich music and style of these two dances. From then on she committed to seriously studying latin dance. In 2011 she began training with Korean master Sol and became a member of Dancing Island. In addition to salsa, under Sol she has studied latin jazz, hip hop, ballet, modern, and a variety of other styles. In 2016 she visited New York to further her training in salsa. Freya has taken part in many performances in Taiwan and abroad since 2011 as part of Dancing Island and with other groups and partners. Freya’s teaching philosophy is to help her students discover within their lives, in addition to family and work, another healthy life experience where they can find and interact happily with friends.


From HustleHuslte, CNT, Wilber & Birdy 從小開始對於流行舞蹈就十分有興趣,直到高中時期加入熱舞社,開始街舞生涯,一路跳到現在,舞齡約有16年。從2010年開始征戰各大賽事,屢次獲得冠亞軍殊榮,也曾受邀擔任過Battle Guest & Judge。 於2016年無意間接觸到Hustle,從此深深喜歡上social dance,便開始學習與研究每個舞風,並與Latin Hustle Champion-Alex Kim深入學習,奠定了social dance的基礎實力。於2018年屢次前往日本參與比賽,獲得Pair-Up and Jack & Jill Champion,也獲邀擔任JP Hustle Lab.6 Judge。除了Hustle外,於2019年開始接觸Brazilian Zouk,對於Zouk獨有的Connection、Flow與表達方式十分喜愛,目前花很多心思再自我進修,並與多位老師學習,希望能將自身經驗融入,創造更多自己的特色,也希望能讓更多人喜歡上Brazilian Zouk。


自國小開始學習芭蕾、現代和中國舞,於臺北市立大學舞蹈學 系中國舞主修,表演創作研究所畢業。曾赴德國、韓國、名古屋、北海道參與演出。大學畢業後開始接觸社交雙人舞hustle、zouk和wcs,並且雙修leader及Follower 。2020年創作了首支zouk雙人小品,並在2020年底運用社交舞發展雙人作品《who’s she ? 》。該作品也在2021年漂鳥創作平台獲選為青年編舞者之一。近年主要研究當代雙人舞,擅長運用接觸即興幫助學生理解身體脈絡以及找到正確的用力方式。 【學歷】 臺北市立大學舞蹈系表演創作組碩士 畢業 臺北市立大學舞蹈系 畢業 【經歷】 2021 第十六屆蔡瑞月國際舞蹈節 |表演者 2021 red bull bar block,沈浸式演出 無夜城 | 表演者 2021 漂鳥舞蹈創作平台 | 青年舞蹈作品編舞者、表演者 2021 拾光號《來生簽證》沈浸式劇場 |動作設計 2020 台北白晝之夜《台北室外網球公開賽》|表演者 2020 台北市立大學碩士班畢業製作問題小姐《who’s she》|編舞、表演者 2019 駐台藝術家Timothy - field work’s N2.3 |表演者 【創作作品】 2016《天地人》、2018《experimental》、2019《Ting & cozyyi》 、 2019《Ting & King 》、2019《半個月亮》、2020 《真 · 閱讀少女》2020 《who’s she ?》 、2021 《冬夜晚 風》


從小就對跳舞有興趣,卻到出了社會才有機會學習,誰知在網上隨意搜尋了Salsa,一跳就變成現在這樣了。Sasha熱愛Salsa的生命力,曾向台灣、韓國、日本、法國、義大利等世界各地的老師學習,也參與過多場表演;最興奮的就是透過跳舞觸碰到自己、連結他人,感受到自我成長。 Sasha希望能將跳舞的喜悅帶給他人,讓每個人都能感受到跳舞的樂趣與感動。 Sasha has been interested in dancing since little, but not until she grew up did she have the chance to really learn dancing. She just googled salsa, and this is the result! Sasha loves the passion and energy of salsa, and had studied from teachers from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Italy…etc, and she had also participated in many performances. She feels most excited when she feels in touch with herself, connects with other people, and experiences self-growth through dancing. Sasha hopes to share this joy with others, and hopefully let other people feel inspired by dance.


學生時期接觸街舞,畢業後更是愛上雙人舞蹈,為Hustle Hustle Taiwan元老級師資(創於2014年)。曾赴日本、紐約,與當地Hustle Dance Group交流及演出。近年來更學習Zouk、Bachata等,將各舞風的技巧融入到自己的雙人舞裡。 跳舞即生活,能用舞蹈和世界交朋友是最棒的事!希望能為台灣的Zouk dance發展,盡一份小小的心力。


超過六年時間接受拉丁舞蹈學習,不定期於海內外接受舞蹈進修訓練與合作演出 ,另外定期有瑜珈、芭蕾、國標等基礎訓練, 並且研究一套適合上班族及舞者所需要的課程。 Patty has been studying Latin dance for more than six years. She often participates in special training and performances in Taiwan and internationally. She also has trained in the basics of other disciplines such as yoga, ballet and ballroom dance, as well as taking courses suitable for office workers and dancers.

Dancing Island

由已故韓國籍舞蹈大師SOL於2011年所成立,是台灣風格獨具的Salsa舞團。Dancing Island師承老師的多元舞蹈風格,融合拉丁、芭蕾、街舞、現代舞、以及Afro Cuban等等。秉持不斷創新的精神在表演、創作以及教學上。 Established in 2011 by the late Korean dance master SOL, Dancing Island is a uniquely Taiwanese Salsa dance company. Dancing Island inherits the diverse dance styles of the teachers- a fusion of Latin, ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, Afro Cuban, and others. They strive to uphold a spirit of continuous innovation in performance, creation and teaching.



Yun Chih

Dance bring me everywhere. 畢業於臺灣藝術大學舞蹈系,專攻芭蕾舞、現代舞,擅長Salsa、Bachata。因工作關係有機會到各個城市學習拉丁舞、接觸到多元舞風。2019年參與Simona的演出,同時也開始創作Salsa、Bachata舞蹈小品。秉持著熱愛舞蹈的心,現為全職舞蹈、瑜珈老師。



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