-Flow行為守則 Flow Code Of Conduct (English below)

Flow致力提供每位參與課程及活動的學生一個安全 舒適的學習及社交環境,我們不能接受行為不當或是讓他人處於不舒服或不安全的行為。在加入Flow的任何活動前,請確保您詳閱並了解教室的規則及期待。

  • 安全
  1. 男士們請禮貌邀請舞伴,並且注意在跳舞時和舞伴的互動,若對方是新手請不要帶對新手而言太困難的動作,或你沒有把握可以讓舞伴安全完成的動作。
  2. 跳舞時請注意自己的重心,尤其是在無預警的狀況下做下腰的動作。
  3. 注意身邊的人避免發生碰撞。
  • 尊重其他舞者
  1. 當你的舞伴言語或肢體表示拒絕做某些動作,請尊重你的舞伴意願。
  2. 請不要試圖教舞會上的任何人或學生。
  3. 請不要強迫或說服任何人和你親近。
  4. 禁止騷擾,禁止以下行為:
    1. 關於性暗示或是粗俗的言論
    2. 沒有經過同意就觸碰
    3. 強迫他人接受社群軟體好友邀請或要電話
    4. 發送騷擾訊息或跟蹤別人的行為
    5. 給拒絕邀舞的人壓力
  • 尊重Flow規定及工作人員
  1. 對人員和老師要有禮貌
  2. 記得每堂課上課前都要在網站登記課.
  3. 上課時請專心聽老師講解,不要影響他人或分心。
  4. 將手機調整成靜音,如果上課時手機鈴聲響起,請及時關成靜音。
  5. 上團體課時請尊重其他同學權益,若有任何特殊個人需求,請洽詢私人課程資訊

若有人未遵守以上規定,我們會警告或禁止進入.  謝謝你的合作.

Flow Code of Conduct

Flow strives to provide a safe, comfortable learning and social environment for everyone who joins our classes or events!  Behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable or unsafe will not be tolerated.  Before taking part in any activity at Flow, please make sure you understand our rules and expectations.  If you feel that someone in the studio (anyone- student, party attendee, teacher, artist) is behaving in an unsafe or disrespectful way, please let a Flow staff member know promptly so that we can evaluate and take action.

1) Leaders- invite movements- never force them.  Don’t lead things that are too difficult for the follower or that you cannot lead safely.
2) Followers- do not throw your weight into any movement, such as a dip, unexpectedly.
3) Pay attention to people around you to avoid running into anyone.

Respect for other dancers
1) Respect your partner’s boundaries.  If a partner asks you verbally or physically not to do something, don’t do it.
2) Don’t try to teach other students.  Do not try to teach people at our parties.
3) Don’t use force or persuasion to try to make someone get closer to you if they don’t want to.
4) No harassment!  Don’t do things like…

  1. a) Making sexual or vulgar remarks
    b) Uninvited, unwanted touching
    c) Pressuring someone to accept a FB/Line request or give their phone number
    d) Sending unwanted messages to other students or any form of stalking
    e) Pressuring someone to dance who already refused

Respect for Flow Studio and Staff 

1) Be polite to staff and teachers
2) Check in before class online.
3) Pay attention when a teacher is talking and don’t distract others.
4) Mute your cell phone before class.  If it rings during class, go mute it!
5) Group classes are for the benefit of all students.  If you want/need personal attention, please ask about private lessons. 

If we find that you are violating our code of conduct, you will be warned and/or kicked out and banned.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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