自小古典芭蕾 現代爵士習舞多年,並擅長空中舞蹈/拉丁舞蹈, 曾榮獲國內鋼管比賽冠軍,國際salsa團體比賽亞軍,2016赴美進修,期間為紐約知名舞團Za Fire專職舞者,表演經歷豐富,多次受邀參與國內外各項表演(ballet/ballroom/ pole dance/ salsa/ Bachata / Zouk )現為Salsa/Bachata/ Zouk師資

Vanessa has studied classical ballet and modern jazz for many years, and she also practices aerial dance/Latin dance. She was the champion of an internationally judged pole dance competition in Taiwan and the runner-up of an international salsa team competition. In 2016, she went to the United States for further training. During that period, she was a full-time dancer of the famous New York dance company, Za Fire. Vanessa has been invited many times to participate in various performances at home and abroad (ballet/ballroom/ pole dance/ Salsa/ Bachata/ Zouk), and she now teaches Salsa/Bachata/ and Brazilian Zouk.

Articles by Vanessa

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