There are some options that are very important to set up in Virtual DJ

You can type in the search bar to find them more easily 🙂

Setting Set to What it does
loadSecurity On
Blocks you from loading a song on a deck that’s playing (so you don’t stop the song that’s playing on the speakers)
autoGain auto
Automatically adjusts the gain of each track to make the volume similar between tracks. Otherwise you will need to adjust a lot more
zeroDB -6dB
Makes autogain set the gain on each deck a little lower. The default level is too high and it’s too easy to start clipping. -6dB is safer
masterTempo Yes
Makes the song sound the same when you change the tempo (so it doesn’t sound lower when you slow it down)
pitchQuality 3
Sets the quality of the audio when you change the pitch (tempo). If you set it to 4 it will make your computer work harder than necessary.
pitchrange 25
25 is a big change, but occasionally I might slow something down this much, but not more. Set to 25 so your pitch fader stays in this range
Others to consider
controllerTakeoverMode takeover
Tells VDJ how to respond when your controller’s knobs and faders don’t match what the software shows (like if autogain sets the
controllerTakeoverModePitch takeover
Same as above but just for pitch faders
autoBPMmatch smart
matches the BPM when you load a new song if it’s within 10%
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