Flow Code Of Conduct 

Flow strives to provide a safe, comfortable learning and social environment for everyone who joins our classes or events!  Behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable or unsafe will not be tolerated.  Before taking part in any activity at Flow, please make sure you understand our rules and expectations.  If you feel that someone in the studio (anyone- student, party attendee, teacher, artist) is behaving in an unsafe or disrespectful way, please let a Flow staff member know promptly so that we can evaluate and take action.

1) Leaders- invite movements- never force them.  Don’t lead things that are too difficult for the follower or that you cannot lead safely.
2) Followers- do not throw your weight into any movement, such as a dip, unexpectedly.
3) Pay attention to people around you to avoid running into anyone.

Respect for other dancers
1) Respect your partner’s boundaries.  If a partner asks you verbally or physically not to do something, don’t do it.
2) Don’t try to teach other students.  Do not try to teach people at our parties.
3) Don’t use force or persuasion to try to make someone get closer to you if they don’t want to.
4) No harassment!  Don’t do things like…

  1. a) Making sexual or vulgar remarks
    b) Uninvited, unwanted touching
    c) Pressuring someone to accept a FB/Line request or give their phone number
    d) Sending unwanted messages to other students or any form of stalking
    e) Pressuring someone to dance who already refused

Respect for Flow Studio and Staff 

1) Be polite to staff and teachers
2) Check in before class online.
3) Pay attention when a teacher is talking and don’t distract others.
4) Mute your cell phone before class.  If it rings during class, go mute it!
5) Group classes are for the benefit of all students.  If you want/need personal attention, please ask about private lessons. 

If we find that you are violating our code of conduct, you will be warned and/or kicked out and banned.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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