How to get to Flow Taipei from the airport- TPE (Taoyuan) or TSA (Songshan)

Flow Taipei
3F, #215 Fuxing S. Rd, ec 1, Da’an Dist, Taipei 106

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From Taoyuan (TPE)

Getting to Taipei from Taoyuan (TPE) takes about 45 minutes by Uber/Taxi or train. Uber/Taxi will cost around USD $55. The Express train costs about USD $5.

By car – When you exit from customs, you will be in the Arrival Hall. Look for a sign for Taxi and follow it outside.

If you are taking Uber, walk outside and you’ll see a big number on the wall on a big sign (like below). Use the Uber App and select that number when it asks you for your pickup point.

If you are taking a taxi, find the taxi stand (it’s easy to see, right outside the door). Go through the queue and get a taxi. Show the driver your address (Flow is 台北市大安區復興南路一段215號3樓).  You can pay with New Taiwan Dollars or credit card when you arrive.

by train

The Taoyuan Airport Express is a fast, comfortable, and cheap way to get to Taipei. Follow the signs for MRT / High Speed Rail. If you will use the MRT while in Taipei, you can buy an EasyCard there and use. You can also buy a single ticket (cash only) or you can use your Google/Apple Pay or contactless credit card to go enter.

Trains come every 15 minutes. Only get on a train with a big purple stripe (the express train). The other trains are slower. Take the train and get off at Taipei Main Station. If you have an EasyCard, you can follow the signs to transfer to the Taipei MRT and take the Blue Line to Zhongxiao Fuxing. But it’s -easier- to just exit the station and take a taxi/Uber. To take taxi/Uber, exit the station and follow the signs for the taxi stand and either get a taxi or call an Uber. A taxi/Uber should only cost about NT$150 (USD $5) to get to Flow.

From Songshan Airport (TSA)

Songshan Airport (TSA) is very close to Flow and takes about 5 -10 minutes to arrive by car or metro.

By metro- If you have an EasyCard, you can take the MRT. Follow the signs for MRT and take the Brown line to Zhongxiao Fuxing and then use Google Maps to find the building.

By taxi/Uber- follow the signs for Taxi and exit the airport. Find the taxi stand or call and Uber to 106台北市大安區復興南路一段215號3樓 It should cost around NT$100 (USD $3)

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