miniFlow- A+B+C Rooms

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miniFlow- A+B+C Rooms

Mini Flow Room A+B+C
坪數: 約30坪
可容納人數: 50-60人
周一~周日 8:00~24:00
最低租借時數: 1小時,可視需求選擇租借時數
地點: 台北市忠孝東路四段177號3F-3 (頂呱呱樓上)
鄰近捷運站: 忠孝敦化1號出口

Mini Flow Room A+B+C
Number of pings: about 30 pings
Capacity: 50-60 people
Opening time for rental: (Currently, only reservations within 6 months are available)
Monday-Sunday 8:00~24:00
Minimum rental hours: 1 hour, you can choose the rental hours according to your needs
Location: 3F-3, No. 177, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City (Upstairs, Dingguagua)
Nearest MRT Station: Zhongxiao Dunhua Exit 1
Special Discount:
Spend $2400 get 5% off
Spend $6000 get 10% off
Spend $12000 get 15% off
Spend $20000 get 20% off

平面圖 Floorplan

Site and power switch diagram

預約流程/ How to book

1. 請先選擇欲租用時數,並選擇租用起始時間,並點選”立即預約”,即可加入購物車
租借FLOW請掃門口QR code再輸入密碼

1. Please select the number of hours you want to rent, select the starting time of the rent, and click 立即預約 (Book Now) to add to the shopping cart
2. Please go to the top right to find the shopping cart and click “Checkout”
3. Confirm the scheduled date and time, select payment type and complete the payment
4. After the payment is successful, the system will send a confirmation letter to your email
5. The order number plus * is the access control number. For example, the order number is 1234, please enter 1234* in the electronic lock
6. Please enter 5 minutes before renting to avoid affecting the renter of the previous session

設備 Amenities

Mini Flow Room A+B+C 設備包含:

  • 藍芽喇叭與鏡牆
  • 沙發
  • 冷氣
  • 洗手間
  • 置物櫃
  • 提供免費wifi
  • 投影機
  • 使用教室穿鞋或脫鞋皆可

This room’s amenities include:

  • Bluetooth speaker and mirror wall
  • sofa
  • Air conditioner
  • Restroom
  • Locker
  • Free wifi
  • Projector
  • You can wear or take off your shoes in the classroom

場地使用規範 Studio Rental Rules

  • 遵守大樓規範,公共區域應保持輕聲細語,請勿大聲喧嘩。
  • 自行清潔環境,愛惜空間內所有裝潢設備,我們不收取額外清潔、水電費,但若您留下髒亂的環境或造成家具損毀,需額外支付清潔維護費用$1800。
  • 請配合準時離場,不得提早進入或超時使用。
  • 不可烹飪或使用明火之加熱設備。
  • 不可使用麥克風及其他擴音設備。
  • 不可將空間內家具搬離空間。
  • 除等待進入外,不得逗留或佔用公共空間。
  • 不可攜帶寵物入內(導盲犬則不在此限)。
  • 嚴禁吸菸、毒品、性愛、攜帶危險物品,以及賭博等違反法令規定、公共秩序或善良風俗的行為。
  • 本場地為自助式租賃空間,現場無常駐工作人員,若需要場勘,請於網站上付費預訂一小時,再自行進入空間查看場地。

Studio Rental Rules

  • Observe the building regulations, and keep your voice quiet in public areas, and don’t disturb our neighbors.
  • Clean up after yourself and take your trash with you when you leave. Use the equipment in the space with care. We do not charge additional cleaning, water and electricity fees, but if you leave a messy environment or damage equipment or the facility, you need to pay an additional cleaning and maintenance fee of $1800.
  • Please plan ahead and rent for the full time period you will need the studio. Please cooperate with leaving the venue on time, not entering early or using overtime.
  • Use only the space you rented- please don’t use other rooms to change shoes, store your things, etc. Please rent all the space you will need.
  • Do not cook or use open flame heating equipment.
  • Microphones and other amplification equipment are not allowed.
  • Do not move the furniture in the space out of the space.
  • Except for waiting to enter, no public space is allowed to stay or occupy.
  • Pets are not allowed inside (guide dogs are not allowed).
  • Smoking, drugs, sex, carrying dangerous goods, and gambling are strictly prohibited to violate laws and regulations, public order or good customs.
  • This venue is a self-service rental space, and there are no permanent staff on site. If you need a site survey, please book one hour on the website for a fee, and then enter the space to view the site yourself.

場地預約取消規定/ Cancellation Policy

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