It’s time to get your lambada on with Bruna and Felipe!  After taking their lambada intro workshop Glenn knew it was something he wanted to bring to the Taiwan Zouk Festival.  But because we have an opportunity for them to stay another week, we are dedicating an entire weekend to lambada!  So spend a little extra time in Taipei and you can join a Zouk festival and a Lambada weekender 😉


As Zouk lovers know, Lambada is the predecessor of Brazilian Zouk, and it is thriving today. You can see many artists and dancers using lambada movements and flavor in Zouk.  Learning lambada will improve your Zouk, and it’s very fun in it’s own right!


You do not need any lambada or zouk experience to join!  Bruna and Felipe will teach lambada fundamentals using their structured methodology.
From Felipe & Bruna-

At the Lambada weekender, the students will have the opportunity to learn or enhance their skills in Lambada under the guidance of two highly qualified experts: Felipe Lira, a three-time Lambada world champion with 15 years of experience, and Bruna Peçanha, a specialist in the rhythm for 5 years.

The course will be structured progressively with the aim of ensuring a solid and conscious understanding of Lambada. Initially, the students will be introduced to the Lambada’s basics and fundamentals, as well as the appropriate timing for dancing Lambada.


As the course progresses, the students will have the opportunity to explore the characteristic steps and movements of Lambada, including “soltinho,” “chicote,” “Cambré,” “vovó,” “boneca,” and many others. The focus on strong fundamentals will help students build a solid foundation for venturing into more complex movements.

The philosophy of the couple couple is clear: a solid understanding of the basics and fundamentals makes the entire learning process smoother and more enjoyable. Lambada, which was a genuinely Brazilian popular phenomenon and a worldwide sensation in the 80s and 90s, will be taught with joy and passion. The goal is for all students to leave the Lambada weekender with new possibilities and dancing skills, ready to enjoy this captivating rhythm to the fullest. So, get ready for two days of fun, learning, and lots of Lambada!


Saturday Jan 27 2024
13:00 – 16:00 Workshops
21:00 – 00:30 Party


Sunday Jan 28 2024
13:00 – 16:00 Workshops
16:30 – 19:30 Day party


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