因為從小就覺得跳舞的女生超正,常常羨慕,所以在大學畢業之後,Sherry終於鼓起勇氣踏進舞蹈教室,誰知道就再也沒出來過。從Jazz開始,Sherry 一開始跳就什麼都想學,Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall等等,還有Ballet,沒有人找得到Sherry因為她總是都在跳舞,只因為跳舞很開心。

某一年接觸到拉丁音樂,Sherry超級喜歡古巴的音樂,想跟音樂一起跳舞,因為這樣輾轉找到Salsa,Salsa跟其他的舞蹈很不一樣,她花了很長的時間才開始有一點懂。Social dance是分享,關注別人也了解更多自己。Sherry依然總是在跳舞,她花了很多很多時間(還有錢)跳舞,她還在學習中,不過她有一些小小的方法想跟你分享,或許可以幫助你省點時間(還有錢) ,然後大家一起跳得很開心。

From the time she was a child, Sherry adored dancers because they were so beautiful to her. After graduating from university, she tried a dance class and has never left the dance studio since then! Beginning with jazz, her dedication led her to study many forms of dance, including hip hop, reggae, dancehall… and ballet. Nobody could find Sherry because she was always dancing because it made her happy.

One year, latin music appeared in Sherry’s life. She was fascinated by Cuban music and wanted to dance to it, so she found salsa. Salsa is very different from other dances she learned before., and it took her a long time to begin to understand it.

Sherry’s philosophy on dancing- “Social dance is sharing. You pay attention to others and also know more of yourself. “ She looks forward to sharing her what she’s learned with students and enjoying happy dances together.

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