在北京工作了幾年,2016某一天晚上我有了學跳舞的念頭,街舞?好像有點太年輕!Jazz感覺很難? Salsa舞? 恩,不知道這是什麼…於是我網路搜尋了離我方便的舞蹈教室,隔天我就去上課了。上完第一堂課,老師問下了課我們要去三里屯的social party 你一起來吧。就這樣感受到了社交舞的魅力,我開始了這場旅程!
六年的時間,一路從北京到台灣再到雪梨。曾經一周上四天的課,每天2-3小時,接著再去party,週六早上9-12點參加Oliver的Academy training。期間也參加了表演的訓練及各大Festival的洗禮。2024年開始了教學的旅程,每一個階段的我都非常享受!



I signed up for dance classes in college because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of being out in the wind, sun, and rain during PE. It was my first time trying partner dancing, and surprisingly, I've got all the moves!

After a few years working in Beijing, one night in 2016, I got this wild idea to learn how to dance. Street dance? Seemed a bit too young for me! Jazz looked intimidating.Salsa? No clue! I hit up the internet and found a dance studio nearby. The very next day, I showed up for class! So, After my first lesson, the teacher invited me to a social party in Sanlitun, I got hooked on social dancing and haven't looked back since!

So my journey began, in six years bouncing between Beijing, Taiwan, and Sydney. In Sydney, I was hitting up classes four days a week, 2-3 hours each time, then go to the social parties 3 times a week. Saturday mornings were reserved for Oliver's Academy training from 9 to 12! I even dipped my toes into performance training and attended the Latin festivals! Starting teaching in 2024, I can tell I've loved every minute of it!

Dancing has helped me connect with my body, feel more confident, connected me with amazing people worldwide!

So, if you've ever thought about dancing,
If you're the kind of person who dance to the music
Or if you're itching for something new,

Give yourself a couple of months to give it a whirl!

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Bachata Level 2
Fiona & Sam
- Instructor Approval 需要老師批准 -
19:30 - 20:30
實體課 In Person

Bachata Level 2
Sam & Fiona
- Open 公開 -
20:45 - 21:45
實體課 In Person
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