【Taiwan Salsa Carnival 2023】
International Salsa event in Taiwan,
organized by Calvin Wang
the annual reunion of great friends, in which we generate Fun, Love, and Connections 🥰

The Recap of TSC2019 by Visuals by Marc Nguyen

✠✠ 【Performances & Social Nights】✠✠
Professional performances by Salsa & Bachata artists.
Wonderful professional performances by Salsa Bachata artists and dance troupe!
Salsa Room & Bachata Room for social dance.
Separate the space with different music ratios and dance together!

✠✠ 【Workshops & Bootcamps】✠✠
(1) More than 8 hours workshop within Full Pass
More than 8 hours of art exchange workshops led by professional dance artists to get more inspiration!
(2) Bootcamps with Masters
perform intensive dance sequence training, perform on stage during the event, and complete self-challenges!

✠✠【Confirmed Artists participating artists】 ✠✠
New York New York: Frankie Martinez
Spain Spain: Fabian & Fania
Turkey Turkey: Ezgi Zaman, Diego&Ozlem
🌟Show & Workshop
Malaysia Malaysia: Gavin
Japan Japan: Erik, Sandra, Hide&Peko, Mayuka
H ong Kong Hong Kong: Sherman
New York New York: Lia Robertson
and more,
we keep inviting
😃More artists are being invited!

✠✠【Special Thanks】 ✠✠Support
from major Salsa dance studios and dance companies in Taiwan:
Amores Danza Dance Company (Taichung)
Bailalo Dance Studio
Dancing Island
Flow Taipei
Grupo Esencia by Eric
La Salsa Taipei
Lia Salsa Dance Company
TLDA Dance Tour
Kaohsiung Salsa 6
Kaohsiung Salsa

✠✠【Tickets and Passes Price】 ✠✠Early
Bird Offer Early Bird Price:
only until 4/28 (till 28th April)
Full Pass, NT.6000
Party Pass, NT.4600
Performer Pass, NT.5000
Frankie’s Bootcamp Pass, NT.7800

✠✠【Information of Venue】 ✠✠
NUZONE Performance Space
ADD: 2F, No. 198, Section 3, Civic Avenue, Daan District, Taipei City

✠✠【The organizer reserves the right to change the content of the event】✠✠

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