Thursday Feb 20 – Preparty at Flow Taipei
Friday – Sunday Feb 21-23 main event with:
~24 hours of workshop with Open Level and Int/Adv tracks (2 rooms/ ea. 12 hours)
~18 hours of parties
BZDC Jack & Jill competition


Our lineup

William & Irene
Kadu & Larissa
Nina & Matheus
Alex & Patrycja

Felipe & Jessica
Leo & Mathilde
Gui & Ting
Iago & Ninna
DJ Efosa
DJ Nhat
DJ Mbrace (Elijiah)


Taiwan Zouk Festival will be held at Syntrend 12F Show

This is a 793 sq meter exhibition/performance space in the center of Taipei with 4M high ceilings, professional lighting and sound system and beautiful daytime natural light.  The space is divided will be divided into two rooms for workshops.

This video shows the rest of the mall and the surrounding area

The Thursday preparty will be held at Flow Taipei



For workshop/party schedules, go to


How to get here/ Where to stay

We do not have an official hotel for the event. 
The venue is Syntrend

The closest hotels are

華山文旅Wallsun Hotel Taipei
Hotel Gracery Taipei
dor hotel 韓國汗蒸幕商務旅館
Charming Castle Hotel

You can also find cheaper hostels and airbnbs.  Transportation in Taipei by MRT, taxi, and Uber is very convenient.

The closest airport is TSA (Taipei Songshan).  Most flights go to Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), which is about 40 minutes by Uber or 1 hour by train to the venue.
Check flights at


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